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I have interviewed several people who have various connections to the Longmont Sugar Beet Factory. Click on the audio icon next to the person to hear their stories. 

Kathleen Pedigo

Gerry Mueller

Marvin Van Perseum

Michael Babler

Scott Anderson

Bill Bohn

Kathleen Pedigo Interview - Loco for LoCo
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Kathleen worked in the lab at the factory right up to its recording. Click on the audio icon to here her full story!!

Gerry Mueller Interview - Loco for LoCo
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Marvin Van Perseum - Loco for LoCo
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Michael Babler - Loco for LoCo
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Scott Anderson - Loco for LoCo
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Bill Bohn - Loco for LoCo
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Gerry moved to Longmont in 1960 and was employed in the agri-business industry which provided service to sugar beet farmers.

Marv has has studied the history of the sugar beet industry extensively and shared his knowledge with me in this interview.

Michael Babler never worked at the factory, but he was a Longmont resident while it was in operation, and shared a story with me on how the lights of the factory guided him home during a snow storm.

Scott grew up on a family farm where his family has raised sugar beets ever since the factory was built in Longmont.  Later he worked for Great Western Sugar Company.

Bill  worked at the sugar factory after he was discharged from the Nav in early 50’s and shares with me how much Longmont has changed since he grew up here.

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