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The Local History Project

I want everyone, not just those in Longmont, to learn about their town's local history. As part of that, I am starting a local history outreach. If you would like to participate, please click the link below to participate in this project!

What People Have Learned

"President Lincoln's funeral train stopped in my hometown"

-North Judson, IN

'Gladstone used to have a railroad station in the middle of it, where Central Park is now."

-Gladstone, MO

"Dr. Mudd's house is on the outskirts of town. Dr. Mudd was the doctor who tended to John Wilkes Boothe after he shot President Lincoln. There is a history trail that you can follow from the theater to southern maryland which describes John Wilkes Boothe life after he shot the president."

-Gladstone, MO

"Started as a mining town"

-Frederick, CO

"The statute of a horse in the city centre is anatomically incorrect, and when the sculptor realised his mistake, he killed himself."

-Wolverhampton, England

"Gold hill was almost the capital of Colorado, but the gold rush ended right before it could be made the capital and the population plummeted"

-Gold Hill, CO

"Home town of Vance Brand" [Vance Brand was a NASA astronaut]

-Longmont, CO

"At one point every member of our city council was a member of the KKK"

-Longmont, CO

"Cruising is illegal in Longmont because it used to be popular."

-Longmont, CO

"Our old town is located at the bottom of a lake"

-Silverthorne, CO

"Longmont derives its name from the views of Longs Peak from the city."

-Longmont, CO

"The Sandy Creek Massacre happened just down the road in Niwot. It was where a bunch of white men slaughtered a tribe of native Americans for little to no valid reason. Women and children hid in the riverbed and those were the only survivors."

-Longmont, CO

"Named after broom wheat, which was used to make brooms."

-Broomfield, CO

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